2017 Readers’ Album of the Year: Kings Kaleidoscope – The Beauty Between

Words by Sam Robinson

Released in August in the midst of a year of international touring, Seattle’s Kings Kaleidoscope dropped their first mixtape – The Beauty Between. Mixing things up, ringleader Chad Gardner flexed his DJ muscles and called upon a number of friends including Andy Mineo and Propaganda to lend their voices to a genre-mashing and beat-heavy record. Releasing this brilliant release only a year after their second album (and your favourite album of 2016), Beyond Control, shows just how talented and creatively driven Kings K are.

The Beauty Between struck a chord with you so much that you voted it as your favourite album of 2017. See below the list of your five favourite albums of 2017, along with what you said about why you loved them so much.

Reel Gospel Readers’ Top Five Albums of 2017*

  1. Kings Kaleidoscope – The Beauty Between

It’s really cool and fresh. These guys always share their faith in unconventional and amazing ways. I love how different each album is and this was again a pleasant surprise.

In my opinion The Beauty Between is the best album of all time! Ok that’s a lie, but it’s really good. I’m loving their direction and the way they have developed over the years.



2. The Sing Team – Sing On!

The only one of these nominees that has really got me coming back for a second listen.

Great lyrics and melodies, always brings a smile to my face.

So wonderful to see new life breathed into these old hymns and choruses, and with such joy!


3. Colony House – Only the Lonely

The vibes are perfect for a road trip!

Pretty cool rhythms. Really good lyrics connecting secular thoughts and faith. And solid music you can rock to.


4. John Mark McMillan – Mercury & Lightning

Mercury and Lightning was my favorite. JMM has a way of communicating ideas as a songwriter like I’ve never seen before. This is so evident on this album.


5. Beautiful Eulogy – Worthy

An album where one song compliments the previous song and then sets up for the next one.

It’s a great album to worship God to.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and congratulations to Kings Kaleidoscope for The Beauty Between, the 2017 Reel Gospel Readers’ Album of the Year.

The Beauty Between by Kings Kaleidoscope is available now at kingskaleidoscope.com and on all streaming platforms. Keep an eye out in the coming days as we reveal our team’s picks, as we announce the Reel Gospel Film and Album of the Year.

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*Only albums of six or more tracks, and released in Australia between December 1st 2016 to November 30th 2017 were eligible for votes in the 2016 Reel Gospel Readers’ Poll.

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