Interview: Citizens & Saints talk A Mirror Dimly

by Sam Robinson

Today sees the release of the third album from Seattle’s Citizens & Saints. Titled A Mirror Dimly, the album is more tumultuous and personal than either of their previous albums – Citizens (2013) and Join the Triumph (2014). Much of the album’s subject matter arises from the fall of Mars Hill Church in 2014, where the band were serving, and a time which caused a great deal of grief for lead singer Zach Bolen:

‘We decided that we should write about all these things we’re experiencing now, post all the fallout from the church. We also felt that there was a piece of honesty that was missing before, just because we were trying to write for a broader audience; a corporate setting. We made this record more personal.’

We also spoke about faith and doubt, and Zach explained every song from the album. And he also spilled some Australian tour news:

‘It [a tour] certainly is looking likely. We are hoping to be in Australia during the month of February [2017]. Assuming that all things come together, we’re hoping to play not only this record, but a bunch of other stuff too. Hoping to hit as many cities as we can, while we’re there.’

Hear the whole interview below from the FRESH Across Australia Soundcloud:

citizens-saints-a-mirror-dimlyA Mirror Dimly by Citizens & Saints is available now on iTunes. Read our review here.

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