Film Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

by Laura Bennett

Rated PG. Starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska. Directed by James Bobin.

After watching Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and seeing trailers for Alice Though the Looking Glass, like me you may have thought it would be another dark frenetic excursion into the corners of a muddled imagination.

Happily though, while Looking Glass gives us wildly colourful visuals to enjoy, it’s also a considered reflection on our beliefs about time and how we spend it.

Set in the days following Alice’s return from worldwide seafaring adventures, Alice Through the Looking Glass sees Alice (Wasikowska) revisit the whimsical world of Wonderland in order to save The Hatter (Depp) from past tragedy. Confronting the part-man part-clock creature that is ‘Time’, Alice must steal the time-bending Chronosphere, and travel back to save him.

The plot may sound familiar: friend travels back in time to save other friend from impending doom. But Looking Glass stands out in its focus on our beliefs about time, as opposed to what its manipulation could do for our circumstances.

Viewers are encouraged to see the importance of present moment decisions, and to consider time as an opportunity, and not a horribly depressing burden. As opposed to working against the inevitable reality of its passing, we’re encouraged to use time to our advantage, valuing our families, and seizing adventure with both hands.

Knowing what the Bible tells us about the fleeting nature of our lives, Alice Through the Looking Glass is a pertinent fantasy flick that challenges us to prioritise our time carefully, and never lose our wonderful curiosity in the world. 3.5/5

Alice Through the Looking Glass will be released in Australian cinemas on May 26th, and in the US on May 27th.

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