Interview: Tedashii on life This Time Around

by Sam Robinson

Earlier this month Reach Records artist Tedashii released a new EP named This Time Around, his first release since 2014’s Below Paradise. I spoke with Tedashii about the heartbreak behind Below Paradise on its release, and was delighted to speak again with Tedashii about This Time Around, moving through tragedy, the future of Reach Records, Easter, and much more. Listen to the interview from my radio show, Fresh Radio, here:

And hear a taste of the EP,  the super catchy Jumped Out the Whip, here:

tedashii-this-time-aroundThis Time Around by Tedashii is available now on iTunes.

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One thought on “Interview: Tedashii on life This Time Around

  1. Very positive!! I thank God for rappers who I can listen to that write good music that inspires me. Look forward to purchasing his new album😊

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