Album Review: Seeker & Servant – You Alone Forever

by Sam Robinson

Just shy of two years after their inventive debut album, Into Your Love, I Go, Seeker & Servant return with their sophomore release, You Alone Forever. You might notice that both album titles are focussed on God, and every single track on this new LP has ‘You’ or ‘Your’ in the title. This album is clearly about God, and how we as his creatures respond to him in many varied ways.

My first reaction after hearing You Alone Forever, is that this new effort is an album of modern psalms, where requests are made of God, repentance takes place, and motivations of the heart are questioned. Placed together with an atmospheric soundscape, it’s an effective record that stirs the soul across eight solid tracks.

Album opener Do You Hear Me begins with the atmospheric reverb that marked Seeker & Servant’s first effort. Lead singer Cameron Wood cries out to his creator with a sense of despair: ‘I need my soul awakened to know I need you.’ Drawing Me to You is filled with pulsating digital sounds, ready for an arena, declaring: ‘There’s no greater joy despite you.’

One of the best tracks on You Alone Forever is You Will Carry Me. A super chilled mix of 80s pop sounds and loops, the word painting takes you to a beautiful place: ‘Let a river of peace flood my soul.’ For Your Glory takes the stunning hymn I Surrender All and builds extra parts on it, and the instrumentalisation is sublime. Featuring driving rhythms, angular guitars and dynamic shifts, the sound reminded me of acts like Joy Division and New Order. It is followed by You Are Lord, a slow-jam interlude.

You Alone Forever is rounded out by two very strong tracks. You Are Everything is filled with self-questioning questions – ‘Why does my heart love the things you hate?’, ‘Why does my heart chase after wind?’ Using Biblical ideas, Seeker & Servant have crafted a song of repentance: ‘I hate my sin!’ This song really helped me to consider the way my heart is turned from God due to sin, and the music enhances the emotion of the words.

You Alone Forever closes with the title track, a song that builds and builds layers (a S&S trademark) into a frenetic pace and beat, aided by a repeated cry – ‘It’s you alone forever!’

The Verdict: Seeker & Servant have managed to create two solid albums in two years. I personally am a little disappointed at the short length of this record – just eight tracks and thirty-seven minutes in length. But quality trumps quantity here. You Alone Forever is an album responding to God, and a few listens will have you doing the same. 3.5/5

You Alone Forever by Seeker & Servant will be released this Friday 13th November, and can be pre-ordered here.

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