Interview: Dan Bremnes talks Where the Light Is

by Sam Robinson

Back in June, Canadian artist Dan Bremnes released his long-awaited album, Where the Light Is. Featuring a bunch of radio singles and much depth, the album points to a greater reality than what we find on this earth. I recently caught up with Dan to talk through the album, the making of it, and a close encounter with Australian wildlife.

SAM: Your new album, the follow up to the EP, is finally out for everyone to hear – how does it feel?

DAN: It’s exciting to have this project out. I’ve been working on it for over a year and feel really good about these songs. I really pray and hope that these songs and lyrics have an impact on people’s lives.

Can you tell me briefly about the road that led to this album release?

I was going to record my second album in Nashville, and halfway through a few record labels in town caught wind of it and this led to me signing a deal with Capitol CMG. It was a dream come true! I then spent the next year writing and recording for this album. We wanted to make sure it was a really special record so I wrote around 100 songs and narrowed those down to 11 that we all felt really good about.

Is there a big idea or key message to this album, Where the Light Is?

The main message here is finding ‘light’ in the midst of tragedy, loss, and pain. We all experience difficulty in life and need to be reminded where our hope comes from. We have been given so many promises from God that He delivers us, brings us into the light, and restores us. I’ve experienced that kind of Salvation and wanted to share it with listeners.

The album opens on the title track, Where the Light Is, and it seems like you’re introducing yourself, but you’re also praising God. What’s the story behind that song?

A few years back I lost my mom in a car accident. For me it was the first time I really realized my need for a Savior. I needed a hand to pull me out of darkness. The chorus of this song really was my prayer, and I found God to be faithful in bringing me into His peace and His light.

Beautiful is another massive track. How did that song come together?

I wrote this song after I had come back to God. I had called myself a Christian but never really lived it. When I finally gave my life fully to God I had scars and wounds. God took all of that and made something beautiful from it. I remember sitting on my couch and just strumming the guitar and those words came out: ‘Lord I give everything, everything you want from me’ I feel that was the key for me, surrendering. That’s where new life started.

Born Again talks of dissatisfaction with things of this life, and looking to something greater. What’s does it mean to you to have new life in Christ?

I think to live a new life it’s a constant choosing God over all the rest of the things this life has to offer. David in the Psalms wrote ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart’. That truly is my prayer, that I would delight myself in God and truly live differently, sold out, born again.

Faith Is describes what faith means to you. Do you hope that people will find faith for themselves after hearing this album?

This song really speaks to choosing faith above fear. I hope that people come to an understanding of what faith truly is. It’s easy to just live a safe life without risk and think somehow that’s what God wants. But God has called us into the unknown, to step out when we don’t see the whole picture. Hebrews 11 says ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for but not seen.’ That’s exciting and that should push us to see live life differently, to take some risks and trust God for the outcome.

The final track – “At Your Feet (Surrender)” seems to be a song of total dependence on God. How have the years leading up to this album release helped you to depend on him?

In 2002 I decided to give God my whole life. My past, my present, and my future. I have seen that through surrender of what maybe I thought I wanted, God gave me what I truly needed- and wanted. I have been so fulfilled in following after Him and relying on Him to provide for my needs, and He has been so faithful.

You spent some time in Australia in 2013 – what were your favorite things and experiences? Any funny moments?

I loved being in Australia and touring around. We met so many great people and had some great concerts. I loved drinking waaaay to much coffee, the food was excellent and getting in a few surf sessions was great too. A funny moment was seeing how scared we all got from one huntsman spider. I’ve never seen four grown men run so fast!

What does the rest of this year hold for you?

I’ll be doing some summer festivals in the USA and then headed out on a fall tour with Tenth Avenue North as well as Josh Wilson. I’m really looking forward to getting out on the road and meeting new faces and sharing new music!

dan-bremnes-where-the-light-isWhere The Light Is by Dan Bremnes is available now on iTunes.

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