Reel Gospel Turns 2!

reel gospel 2nd birthdayWords by Sam Robinson

Today is Reel Gospel’s 2nd birthday! 

We are thrilled that this website has reached such a milestone. We’ve passed the crawling phase, we’re finding our feet, and God has been growing us all the way.

In the last year alone, our writing team has expanded from four to seven – with Carlin, Vincent and Evan joining the party and doing a stellar job writing film reviews and album reviews from a Christian perspective.

Our readership has grown significantly since our first birthday – by nearly 500% – and we are now supported by most film distributors who invite us to attend media previews of films before release, to keep you informed. We’ve also published 133 reviews and interviews in the last year alone, and will continue to cover all major film releases into the future.

Thanks so much for reading Reel Gospel. If you appreciate what you read here, then please help us spread the word by doing two things – sharing our reviews with your friends, and inviting your friends to like us on Facebook. We are very close to 500 likes on Facebook, and it would be awesome to expand that number and see more lives challenged with the hope of the gospel.

That’s really what Reel Gospel is on about. Helping you have chats with your friends about Jesus after seeing a movie together. We would love to hear how this website has helped you to do that, or any ideas you might have to make it better – please get in touch anytime at reelgospelfilmreviews at

We are thankful for you!

Team Reel Gospel

Sam (on behalf of Keith, Mark, Sami, Carlin, Vincent and Evan)

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