Book Review: Trip Lee – Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story

by Sam Robinson

Trip Lee has packed a lot into his twenty-seven years. He’s released five studio albums, been through Bible college, a pastor of a church, and is now releasing his second book. He’s married with two kids, and has been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for years. But none of that defines him. It’s clear from Trip’s new book, Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story, that he finds his identity in Christ and Christ alone, and his age is no barrier to spiritual maturity.

Trip’s first book, The Good Life (2012), was largely an evangelistic book suited to non-believers. It went through the gospel, and what Jesus says the good life is – a life lived as God intended it to be lived. Rise feels like an extension of The Good Life, but is addressed primarily to believers. And the call here is to wake up and rise: we have been raised with Christ, now we live with and for him in everything. His glorious gospel transforms us, and in response we live lives that bring him glory and honour.

Rise is Don’t Waste Your Life for Gen Y.

Trip spends the majority of his book exploring the things that stop us from rising to live for Christ – whether it be the worship of ourselves, porn, material things or the worship of others – and he rebukes us with love at every step along the way. Trip isn’t removed from this challenge either. He is never condescending but humbly admits his own flaws and sin and pleads with us to do the same with our Christian brothers and sisters. Trip helpfully (and rightly) expounds scripture throughout Rise and pleads with us to examine our sin and flee from it: ‘Let’s not use our blood-bought bodies to rebel against the Lord who died to redeem them.’

Not only are we shown what doesn’t belong to our risen state, Trip also proves to us the need for Christian community, a deep joy and foundation in the Word of God, and the importance of fellowship with older Christians. And he also has us consider the big reason why we live for Jesus: because he is Lord. ‘God made every sphere of life. He rules over every sphere of life, and He can be glorified in every sphere of life.’ There’s also a chapter on how to navigate and engage with pop culture (something that I found helpful as this is what we do regularly at Reel Gospel with our film reviews).

There is plenty of space in Rise where Trip shares what God has been doing in his life. He recalls when his love of secular music was challenged when he realised the idol-centric content of the lyrics. He shares the blessing of what it was to get married at a young age. And he honestly and openly discusses the joy found in the trials of suffering a chronic illness: ‘My energy is never the same from week to week, but my God is.’

Personally I found Rise to be convicting, challenging and motivating. At the start of a new year, this might be the kick in the butt you need to kill laziness and procrastination and instead live to glorify God. Trip has this wonderful ability to paint pictures using illustrations that complement his points perfectly, and he wins us over every time. He loves the gospel, and it’s clear that he wants us to gaze at the glory of God and let that be what compels us to live for him in this world, and to live the best life in the way that our creator intended.

I would recommend Rise to people of all ages, but particularly teens and young adults. Why not meet up with a brother or sister and read a chapter together each week? Meditate on the challenges brought out and keep each other accountable. Most of all, read it and pray that by his grace, God will help you to gaze on the glory of the gospel, rise from your slumber and truly live for him.

trip-lee-rise-bookRise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story by Trip Lee will be released on January 27th through HarperCollins Publishers. You can pre-order a copy here. Read our interview with Trip about the book here. Read our review of Trip Lee’s album Rise, here.

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