2014 Reel Gospel Readers’ Album of the Year: Lecrae – Anomaly

Words by Sam Robinson

Anomaly. Deviation from the common rule. Something or somebody that’s abnormal, that doesn’t fit in… But I say, we are exactly who God created us to be.

This is the definition of the word anomaly as described by hip-hop artist Lecrae on the title track of his album Anomaly, which dropped back in September. There’s no doubt that Lecrae Moore is an anomaly himself, making an album that blurs the lines of what “Christian” hip-hop is and should be. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard album chart, Lecrae sold out a national tour around the US with labelmate Andy Mineo, and even got to sit in with The Roots for an episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Despite being thrust in the spotlight, Lecrae doesn’t try to be someone that he isn’t on this release. As single Nuthin revealed, Lecrae wants to be real and talk about something. Anomaly is an intensely transparent album, as the rapper acknowledges that while he may not fit in on this earth, he indeed finds his identity in Christ. Salvation is found at the cross, and there we find redemption from sin, past hurts, and past mistakes. There’s such a message of hope on Anomaly, and a good measure of guests, killer production, and humour to boot – as evidenced on tracks like Say I Won’t.

Hundreds of votes were cast from all around the world in our annual Readers’ Poll and Anomaly was your favourite album by far. Here’s what some of you said about why it was your favourite:

“It was an extremely well put together album. The production level was insane, the artistry behind it was incredible. Lecrae was so transparent and so honest. He killed it.”

“Lecrae has such a way with words and speaking what is on his heart. It’s refreshing to see the reaction from non-believers. They can connect and relate to many of what Lecrae brings forth. It’s an overall tremendous album.”

Timepiece is probably my favorite track, but the whole album is great. The music is phenomenal (it’s a staple listen when I’m working out), but it also makes me think.”

“I liked Anomaly the most because it was a different style of hip hop that we hadn’t heard from Lecrae before. I loved the style of particular songs like Timepiece and Anomaly.”

“This was his best album to date. The versatility in content and beats was amazing.”

Anomaly, Lecrae brings so much truth and the production is insane!”

“Trip Lee and Lecrae’s albums are so full of deep theological truth I just can’t get enough of Anomaly. Regular quality music from an incredible artist. Awesome productions with deep lyrics.”

“Lecrae’s Anomaly was fantastic. Great high quality music with gospel truth that appeals to everyone.”

“His album is so transparent that it allows every listener to relate their struggle to his music and connect with him.”

“Good role model for my son.”

“I have supported him since he started and I have loved seeing how his music has transformed over the years.”

Anomaly by Lecrae was definitely the best. This album brought me into the world of Christian Hip Hop and Rap and has made a positive impact on my life.”

“The album showed me that it is ok to be different.”

Thanks to everyone who voted, and congratulations to Lecrae for Anomaly, the 2014 Reel Gospel Readers’ Album of the Year.

Reel Gospel Readers’ Top Five Albums of 2014

1. Lecrae – Anomaly

2. Trip Lee – Rise

3. Kings Kaleidoscope – Becoming Who We Are

4. Andy Mineo – Never Land

5. Citizens & Saints – Join the Triumph

AnomalyAnomaly by Lecrae is available now on iTunes. Click here to read our review of the album. Keep an eye out in the coming days as we reveal our team’s picks, as we announce the Reel Gospel Film and Album of the Year.

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One thought on “2014 Reel Gospel Readers’ Album of the Year: Lecrae – Anomaly

  1. Absolutely dope post! I enjoyed #Anomaly a lot. Nuthin, Timepiece and All I Need Is You are probably my favorite songs.

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