2014 Reel Gospel Readers’ Film of the Year: Guardians of the Galaxy

Words by Sam Robinson

A racoon. A green lady. A talking tree. A former WWE wrestler. And a dude best known for playing a lovable bumbling fool on a sitcom. On paper, Guardians of the Galaxy looked like a mess of a film concept. And in many ways, it is. But Marvel and director James Gunn managed to create a work of genius with GOTG, balancing humour, a bright retro soundtrack, and an excellent ensemble cast, and proved to all the doubters that space adventure is cool.

We loved Guardians of the Galaxy when it was released. Keith gave it five stars in his review back in July. There’s something so sweet about seeing a science fiction movie where every serious moment is undercut by something hilarious. Peter Quill, or Star-Lord, is Gen X’s irreverent Han Solo, and seeing him dance to Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love in the opening sequence, alien creatures being kicked out of the way in the process, sets the scene for this crazy, hilarious, heart-filled ride through space.

Hundreds of votes were cast from all around the world in our annual Readers’ Poll and you voted Guardians of the Galaxy as your favourite film of 2014. Here’s what some of you said about why it was your favourite:

“It was beyond my expectations of how it would be, storyline wise. It was simple to follow and fast paced without dragging out the backstory to set up the whole movie. The actors did an amazing job and moreso the voice actors. A great mix of action, humour and drama, it was well delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Guardians of The Galaxy is everything I wanted out of an intelligent, witty, action filled sci-fi movie.”

“Funny but it also has a great message that those who may be “different” to everyone else can make a difference and everyone has a story about who they are and why.”

Guardians of the Galaxy reminded me so much of Firefly, which is really great because that was cancelled. It’s the perfect blend of action, comedy and plot.”

“While it is a Marvel franchise, it seemed like a separate part of the rest of the connecting Marvel story. This made it unique in it’s own way.”

“Funny, lots of action, still felt like a quality Marvel movie, but with plenty of quality sci-fi.”

“I loved the humor, the light-heartedness, and Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt is awesome.”

“I loved the action, acting, and the soundtrack is just perfect.”

“Chris Pratt.”

“Funny, well written, with fantastic characters – it is the best Marvel movie to date.”

“It was funny, visually appealing, well-executed and easy to get emotionally involved in.”

“Dancing baby Groot (need I say more?)”

Guardians of the Galaxy. Why you may ask… “I AM GROOT!””

“Finally a movie that had such broad appeal: comic nerds would love it, action fans would love it, fans of epic 80s rock would love it! It was super fun and never took itself too seriously. It was really the first of this new Marvel series that didn’t need background knowledge because truthfully most Marvel nerds only had a casual knowledge of it and the makers of the movie knew that… it never got bogged down in lore but focused on the fun and interesting main characters and the unusual situations they found themselves in…the movie is so much the better for it!”

Thanks to everyone who voted, and congratulations to Marvel and Disney for Guardians of the Galaxy, the 2014 Reel Gospel Readers’ Film of the Year. Tomorrow we will announce what you voted as your favourite album of 2014.

Reel Gospel Readers’ Top Five Films of 2014*

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

4. The Lego Movie

5. Frozen

Guardians of the Galaxy is available now on home media. Click here to read our review. Keep an eye out in the coming days as we reveal what you voted as your favourite album of 2014; and then we will reveal our team’s picks, as we announce the Reel Gospel Film and Album of the Year.

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*Only films released in Australia between December 1st 2013 to November 30th 2014, and were reviewed and featured on Reel Gospel via review were eligible for votes in the 2014 Reel Gospel Readers’ Poll.

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