Reel Gospel Turns 1!

reel gospel 1st birthdayWords by Sam Robinson

Today is Reel Gospel’s first birthday!

It’s definitely a cause for celebration because God has been incredibly generous and allowed myself and other contributors Sami, Keith and Mark to go on this wild ride together.

Reel Gospel launched on the 2nd of July 2013, and has been rapidly growing in readership since. In the last year we’ve posted 135 articles, ran our first annual readers’ poll, and we’ve heard plenty of stories from people all over the world who have not only been reading Reel Gospel, but also using the reviews and reflections to assist them in engaging our world with the hope of the gospel. That’s our aim, particularly with film reviews – we want to provide resources that will help you have deep conversations with your friends after watching a movie together.

I feel like now is a good opportunity to thank people, so I will. Thanks to Sami, Keith and Mark who all give up their time to review films and albums. Reel Gospel started as a project where I was the sole contributor, and now it’s a real joy to share the reviewing, and hear their spins on things. Thanks to Ali for your constant support, and for seeing flicks like Godzilla with me. Thanks to Steve and Jane, who are constantly backing Reel Gospel and helping to proof-read. Also, big-ups to AFES, Fervr, Growing Faith and Laura at Sydney’s Hope 1032 who allow our reviews to be shared across the web and radio airwaves. Legends.

I also want to thank you, the reader, for spending time looking at the content of this website. We can see the stats and know we’ve got readers from America to Amsterdam, Manila to Jamaica, but it’d be a great joy to hear from you – so please get in touch at any time! And, if you enjoy reading Reel Gospel, please invite your friends to like us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. That would be rad.

After a year of pumping out articles, we’re going to take the opportunity to take a week’s hiatus. When we return we’ll bring you our take on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and review some exciting albums that are releasing this month.

For now though, I thought it would be nice to reflect on five personal highlights of the last year on Reel Gospel that you may have missed, and I encourage you to click the links and read them for yourself.

1. That time KB talked with us about his joy for sharing the gospel

KB Reel Gospel SmallMy interview with the Reach Records artist back in March still stands out as one of my favourite chats. KB has an incredible heart for the gospel, and lives out the challenge he issued on his 100 EP – to give our 100% to Jesus as he gave his 100% for us.

citizens ybmbtl2. That time Zach Bolen from Citizens spilled their new album title to us

Zach Bolen from Citizens has been incredibly supportive of Reel Gospel. We’ve spoken to him a number of times, including an exclusive interview in the Mars Hill Music studio during the recording of their second album. But in May, Zach spoke to us about their forthcoming second album and exclusively shared information about the album, including the tentative title.

Reel Gospel 2013.jpg3. That time we ran the very first annual Reel Gospel Readers’ Poll

On a whim last year, I thought we’d start an annual readers’ poll to determine what your favourite film and music release of each year is. Many of you voted in the poll last December, and it was a joy to read your comments about why you voted the way you did. I’m looking forward to our second annual poll this December, which will have a slight twist to voting.

Kings K Snap Small4. That time Chad Gardner from Kings Kaleidoscope talked Live in Color

Reel Gospel readers are mad keen on Kings Kaleidoscope, so much so that this is the highest-viewed article on our website. This was another great interview, as Chad talked about their split from Mars Hill, the stories behind their live EP, and shared his hopes for a 20-track debut album. Whether the album will be at this length remains to be seen but we’ll be bringing you an exclusive scoop on the new record in the coming months. Watch this space.

1108146 - After Earth5. And for kicks… that time we reviewed the atrocious After Earth

After Earth still stands as the lowest-scored film on Reel Gospel. Click through to see why.

We’ll be back in a week! -Sam

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