The Top Five Posts of 2013

TOP 5 OF 2013.jpg

Words by Sam Robinson

2013 was a big year for Reel Gospel. The blog launched in July following film reviews appearing on the AFES website for a year, and Reel Gospel has been growing in readership since, particularly in the last quarter of the year. Thank you so much for reading, and getting involved with Reel Gospel on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the top five viewed posts on Reel Gospel in 2013, which may give you an opportunity to catch up on things you may have missed the first time around! Don’t forget to click through the tabs at the top of the page to find reviews and interviews galore.

1. Review: Citizens – Repeat the Sounding Joy

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of Citizens’ Christmas EP to review and it was a joy to get my ears around it. As I mentioned in my review: it’s joyful, it’s funky, and it makes you dance. Read my interview with Zach from Citizens about this Christmas EP, here.

2. Review: Page CXVI – Advent to Christmas

Another Christmas release, Page CXVI’s Advent to Christmas was highly anticipated by fans of the band. As I wrote of the album, it is blissful. Across seven tracks we hear about the incredible expectation and awaiting for the Messiah to appear, as well as the good news proclaimed – that Jesus Christ is born! Read my interview with Latifah from the band about the album here.

3. Feature + Interview: Derek Minor – Gimmie

Derek Minor’s Minorville was a stand-out hip-hop release in 2013. Released in September, the album took us into Derek’s mind as he gave us a tour of what his ideal world would be like, while showing how corrupt by sin our world is. This article was a preview of my interview with Derek and focussed on his single Gimmie, which is all about greed, and the danger of treating God like a genie.

4. Interview: Lachlan Brown & Dan opdeVeigh – God is Enough

Another great album from 2013, God is Enough is a joint venture for two Australian songwriters, Lachlan Brown and Dan opdeVeigh. The album contains a whole bunch of songs written for church congregations. It was a delight to interview fellow Aussie (and friend) Lachlan Brown about the album to get an insight into how he and Dan worked together over a number of years to produce the record.

5. Film Review: Thor: The Dark World

Surprisingly, only one film review made it into the top five articles for 2013, and it’s the latest Marvel blockbuster, Thor: The Dark World. The film was released in Australia a week or so before the USA which may have boosted the number of views of this review, as American Reel Gospel readers salivated over the impending release.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for many more film reviews, album reviews and music interviews in 2014!

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