Reel Gospel 2013 Readers Poll Winners

Words by Sam Robinson

Thank you all so much for voting in the first annual Reel Gospel Readers Poll. Across the last month you’ve been busily casting your votes online from locations all across the world, choosing from a list of films and Christian albums that have been released and featured on Reel Gospel in the last year (the first year Reel Gospel has been online).

I’ve tallied the votes, and I’m stoked to reveal below your picks for Film of the Year and Christian Album of the Year.

Readers Film of the Year: Iron Man 3 / The Great Gatsby

gatsby iron man.jpg

Interestingly, there was a tie of votes for readers’ film of the year – with the title going to two very different films, Marvel action flick Iron Man 3 and Baz Luhrmann’s re-imagining of classic novel The Great Gatsby.

Iron Man 3 was a film that truly divided people, but it seems that many of you enjoyed it! It followed on from the events in The Avengers, and Tony Stark is rather rattled from what went down. The film takes a turn as a Christmas flick too, which adds some charm and there are many twists and turns along the way.

The Great Gatsby also divided people on release, and contains all the hallmarks of a Luhrmann film. It’s full of dazzle, and depicts the affluent side of New York in the 1920s – including all the  corruption. Here’s what one reader said about why they enjoyed the film:

“It was very vivid and kept fairly closely to the book. It had a few Baz Luhrmann strange moments but all in all I very much enjoyed it”

“It’s timeless and longing and poetic”

Both these films now share the title for being the first annual Readers Film of the Year. If you haven’t checked out these films they are available on Quickflix, and you can read my reviews of Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby.

Readers Album of the Year: Citizens – Citizens

b0b00e49ef0214c3913a75305220f4e1You picked a cracker of an album as your favourite for 2013 – the self-titled debut from Seattle band Citizens. Released in March, the album is packed with eleven pop tunes that range from joyous jams (Made Alive and Jesus!) to deep, honest reflections (I Am Living in the Land of Death, Oh God). Here’s what some of you said as to why it was your favourite album of 2013:

“It’s been on repeat for ages… Catchy beats and theologically sound lyrics.”

“Love: energetic sound, anthemic choruses, biblically rich lyrics, zach’s beard, the album cover.”

“I really enjoy the uplifting and sound of celebration in the songs. So nice to listen to while driving/ cooking in the kitchen.”

“It is inspired and amazing and catchy.”

Congratulations to Citizens for taking out the first annual Readers Album of the Year! If you haven’t got a copy of the album yet, get it now at iTunes and at the Mars Hill Music Store. And you can catch up on my interview with Zach about the record from earlier in the year, here.

Thanks again for voting! Early next week I’ll be posting my picks for each category so keep an eye out for that! And while you wait, why not follow Reel Gospel on Facebook and Twitter.


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